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I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.
Augusten Burroughs (via pigmenting)


holy FUCK this is the cutest thing ever.


I am doing a massive giveaway because I can!

Tonight I cleared out my closet because I couldn’t sleep and I found some nice, old pieces which possibly make someone else happy?

In total I had about 200 pieces of which I donated the most part. The pieces, I’d like to giveaway, are rarely or never worn.

What am I giving away?

White top - H&M - Size L
Beige top - H&M - Size M
Jacket in antique pink - H&M - Size EUR 42 or US 12
Rough-textured cardigan - H&M - One Size
Black Pencil Skirt - H&M - EUR 42 or US 12
Black sports pants, ankle length - H&M - EUR L or US L
Poncho - One Size
Two small purses
Nike+ armband for iPod Nano
7 bangles
1 big necklace
1 flower brooch

Just reblog this post and you’ll be under the possible winners!
One reblog is enough. You don’t have to follow. Likes don’t count. Giveaway blogs are fine as well.

If you have any further questions regarding the clothing, leave me an ask.

I will ship worldwide!

If the clothes won’t fit you, but you have a friend who could need some new stuff who has this size, enter this giveaway for her.

Giveaway ends on September 12th, 00:00 (Central European Summer Time, UTC +2)!